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BitcoinToken is a Javascript library for adding payments and smart contracts to web applications.

It is available as an npm package containing three tools: a wallet, a database that stores data on the blockchain, and a token solution. BitcoinToken compiles smart contracts into Bitcoin Cash which makes it possible to evaluate them at a extremely low cost. We are in prototype stage and plan to launch towards the end of the year.

                create new wallet
                > const wallet = new BitcoinWallet()
                get a deposit address to fund your wallet
                > const address = wallet.getAddress()

                send 1 bitcoin to a friend
                > await wallet.send(1, <friends address>)

BitcoinWallet - a zero config wallet

BitcoinWallet is a HD Bitcoin Cash wallet that can store, send, and receive Bitcoin Cash. It works in the browser and in node.

                create new bitcoinDb from your wallet
                > const db = new BitcoinDb(wallet)

                store json data on the blockchain
                > const id = db.put({ hello: 'world' })

                retrive data stored on the blockchain
                > const data = db.get(id)

BitcoinDb - store data at a one-time cost

BitcoinDb is a easy to use database system. No need to rent a server, BitcoinDb is already up and running. It is always online, available worldwide, and censorship resistant. It syncs across the globe within seconds making it possible to write real-time applications on top of it. Reading from BitcoinDb is free and as fast as reading from any other db. Writing costs about $5 per mb. Data will be stored indefinitely without recurring cost.

                create new token from a BitcoinDb
                > const token = new BitcoinToken(bitcoinDb)

                issue the token
                > await token.create({ balance: 1000 })

                send 1 token to a friend
                > await token.send(1, <friends public key>)

BitcoinToken - issue tokens and smart contracts

BitcoinToken makes it easy to add tokens to web applications. You can issue a token in a few lines of Javascript, no prior blockchain knowledge required.

We currently support ERC20-style fungible tokens. Support for non-fungible tokens will be added soon. Eventually, you will be able to program your own smart contracts using BitcoinToken.

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